We offer specialised training packages to leaders and practitioners across the Health, Social Care and Education Sectors. Our emphasis in all our training courses is the development of effective, accountable and autonomous decision-making that enables reflection and evaluation.

The following fliers for Multi-Professional Workshops can be downloaded:

Care Aims

4-day Care Aims Core Training  view pdf

4-day programme

Online Core Care Aims Training view pdf

6 short days (Zoom)

Advanced Professional Reasoning And Decision-Making

Advanced Professional Reasoning and Decision-making view pdf

2-day workshop

Online Advanced Professional Reasoning and Decision-Making  view pdf

6 short days (Zoom)

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice: A Key to Competence   view pdf

2-day workshop
(Module 1)

Facilitating Reflective Practice  view pdf

2-day workshop
(Module 2)

An introduction to Reflective Practice  view pdf

1-day workshop


Advanced Engagement, Negotiation And Collaboration

Engaging in Collaborative Conversations   view pdf

2-day workshop (Module 1)

Understanding Personal Outcomes: Co-producing Goals and Plans   view pdf

2-day workshop (Module 2)


Inter-Disciplinary Collaboration

Professional Record-keeping

1-day workshop

Collaborative Decision-making: Making SEND/CYP Reforms meaningful view pdf

3-day programme

Negotiating Interdisciplinary Goals

2-day workshop


Leadership And Governance

Change Management and Leadership

2-day workshop

Effective Referral Referral Decisions –  Good Triage

Online course –

1 or 2-day workshop

Outcome Measures and Evidence-based Practice  view pdf

1-day workshop

Fit for Purpose AHP Services: Systems and Processes that support optimal outcomes for the population  view pdf

4-day programme


Training And Facilitation Skills

Training the Care Aims Trainer  view pdf

3-day workshop

Learning Set Facilitation Skills  view pdf

3-day programme

Facilitating Reflective Practice  view pdf

2-day programme


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