The Care Aims Framework

How we add value

The Care Aims Framework helps practitioners in health, social care and education improve their services.  We facilitate and enable clients to develop their own competencies and achieve their own successes by working in partnership with leaders and practitioners to enable them to achieve high-quality services and effective governance through robust reasoning, decision-making, risk management and reflective practice.

The Care Aims Framework is a philosophy that has proven to be extremely versatile and can be adapted to any practise, context, team structure or professional group.  Because it focuses on outcomes for clients, it leaves the practitioner free to vary the detail of the intervention offered, making it applicable across a broad range of disciplines and of benefit to practitioners, managers and commissioners.

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The Care Aims vision

Our ultimate vision is of a competent community of people who have strong personal skills and who understand and act according to their duty of care to themselves and others.

What we offer

Now based in Drymen, Scotland, we work nationally (across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) as well as internationally: over 20,000 practitioners and leaders in more than 180 teams from over 80 organisations have been trained in the use of the Care Aims Framework.

We work in collaboration with a diverse network of highly skilled associates, allowing us to tailor our services to exacting specifications and to engage with wide-ranging projects.

Our primary service is bespoke consultancy, and as part of this we also offer a range of services that can be commissioned individually or within bespoke packages including:

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The Care Aims Framework was developed by Kate Malcomess, a highly experienced practitioner and public-sector manager.  She initially developed her approach in response to challenges faced by her own team, but her success led to it being rolled out across her organisation and outside agencies.  In 2000, she set up her own consultancy to deliver the benefits of the Care Aim Framework to all public-sector bodies wanting to deliver better outcomes for their users, their staff and their organisations.

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