Kate Malcomess

Kate Malcomess

Kate is an organisational effectiveness consultant whose ethical practice approach, which she has developed into the Care Aims Intended Outcomes Framework, has redefined how over 15,000 health, education and social-care practitioners in the UK, Ireland and abroad think about their duty of care.  She has helped practitioners structure their services to achieve better outcomes for their organisation, their staff and their users.  Her success has led to her being recognised as an effective speaker, facilitator, mentor and coach.

Kate initially developed her iterative, reflective practice framework in response to a growing nervousness over decision-making that she witnessed among her team as a manager of her therapy service.  Word of her success in boosting staff morale and confidence, alongside reducing waiting times and caseloads and improved user satisfaction, spread throughout her own organisation and to external agencies.  In 2000, Kate set up her own consultancy, which she has continued to develop and refine, offering a range of services to enable her to deliver the Care Aims Framework to a broad range of sectors and organisations.

Kate helps NHS partnerships, Health and Social Care Boards, local government and third-sector organisations implement cultural change across multi-disciplinary and inter-agency teams to support and evidence professional reasoning and decision through a framework of reflective practice.  She offers a combination of bespoke consultancy, training, coaching of senior staff and facilitation of learning sets and supervision groups.

Prior to setting up her own consultancy, Kate had front-line and managerial experience as a speech and language therapist and clinical audiologist in acute, community and child mental health settings.

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