About Care Aims

about care aims

The Care Aims Framework helps practitioners, managers and commissioners/health boards in health, education and social care achieve better outcomes for their service users by improving organisational decision making and processes.  By focusing on better outcomes for service users, their families and communities,  as the starting point of professional decision-making, the Care Aims Frameworks creates many other positives for individuals and organisations:

Benefits of the Care Aims Framework for service users 

  • Better outcomes for service users through truly people-centred, evidence-based, reflective reasoning and processes
  • Improved trust between service users and practitioners
  • People become active collaborators in their care, promoting choice, self-help and reducing dependency
  • Reduced waiting times for specialist services, resulting in better access and increased satisfaction

 Benefits of the Care Aims Framework for practitioners 

  • Better engagement with people and their families and fewer complaints
  • Brings confidence back to decision making: enables practitioners to justify their decisions
  • Helps reconcile the gap between aspirations and resources
  • Creates a clear and comprehensive way to demonstrate clinical and professional effectiveness
  • More empowered staff at all tiers

 Benefits of the Care Aims Framework for managers 

  • Shown to reduce stress among staff and boost morale
  • Restores clarity and cohesion to dysfunctional teams
  • Promotes effective collaboration at every stage of care
  • Improves throughput, caseload and workload management
  • Improves communication between agencies
  • Helps realign targets to the needs of the population
  • Better deployment of highly specialised/graded staff
  • Shown to increase efficiency

Improved organisational processes

The Care Aims Framework delivers:

  • A standardised way of capturing and communicating clinical or professional reasoning
  • A systematic way of supporting and demonstrating clinical or professional reflection on effectiveness
  • An ability to focus resources where they can make the most difference by being outcomes driven and not demand led
  • A sound, ethical framework for managing caseloads and workloads, to support throughput
  • A framework to support service design, planning and evaluation
  • More focus and better reflection on intended clinical outcomes, creating tighter self-governance and easier performance management
  • Better complaints management due to clearer evidence in records

Relevant across borders and disciplines

  • The Care Aims Framework is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any practice, context, team structure or professional group.
  • Applied successfully to organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: we are experienced at working within the different governance systems of each.
  • Our international successes demonstrate that The Care Aims Model is equally applicable to overseas structures.

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