Identifying Outcomes

The first step for a successful project

Many people come to us with a problem, but they have no idea what outcome they are looking for.  Others come with an idea of the outcome they want to achieve, but their goals are shoe-horned by the process-driven thinking that is undermining their ability to deliver the service their users need; this mismatch between what their users really need and the service they are providing creates a great amount of anxiety for leaders and their teams.

For example, people may start by saying they want to bring their waiting lists down.  But this is a process-driven target that will never deliver satisfaction for them or their service users.  So we work with them to identify what the real benefits would be of bringing down the waiting lists.  These might be that the service is more effective and safer, with fewer mistakes; this will generate fewer complaints and staff will be happier, which will boost confidence, enhance morale and reduce absenteeism.  These are then the positive desirable outcomes that we work towards.

So our first step is always to work with you to identify the desirable outcomes for the project so we all know where we want our journey to take us.

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