Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson

Janet is an Executive and Leadership Coach working with people who are looking to develop the personal, political and strategic awareness needed to successfully lead others and achieve organisational objectives.  She has wide experience of developing and delivering programmes to enable public-sector leaders effect service transformation.   

Janet works with individuals and groups using transformational conversation and leadership theory to realise the change they need; when appropriate she also facilitates strategic work.  She challenges clients to go beyond their comfort zone and works with them to understand their motivations, values and choices.  Her clients include leading healthcare professionals and top NHS executives, including clinical and non-clinical directors and senior managers.

Janet has worked on a variety of respected, successful projects.  As an associate of the King’s Fund, she works on open and bespoke programs as a Program Director, Action Learning Set Facilitator and Coach. She has worked on the Athena leadership development program for women in senior posts in the public sector since 2008; the Clinical Leadership Fellowship; Transforming the NHS in the North West and many other programs.   She works with the Hay Group as an associate working on the Mary Seacole Leadership Program and the Frontline Leadership Program for nurses and midwives.

Janet is passionate about developing and shaping the future of coaching.  She is currently serving on the board of the UK Chapter of the International Coaching Federation as President Elect.  Her particular areas of interest or in Ethics and Credentialing.
Janet has a background in marketing and business development and teaching.  She has been an Associate Director of the Care Aims Framework since 2004.

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