Bespoke solutions to improve outcomes

The Care Aims consultancy develops bespoke solutions tailored to your particular challenges and goals, and we work in partnership with you to deliver a successful and effective project.  But in each case we follow an established process to take you towards a desirable outcome for you, your staff, your organisation and your users.

1 Establish whether Care Aims is right for you

We know that the Care Aims Framework can be applied successfully to almost any team in almost any profession, but we don’t expect you to believe us – yet!  So we take time to find out about your particular challenges and to discuss with you how Care Aims might help to establish whether we can offer value and benefit to you.  Read more

2 Identify desirable outcomes

If you aim for the wrong target, you won’t end up at the right place, no matter how efficient, confident or accurate your aim.  So identifying the right desirable outcomes for the project is essential.  Read more

3 Feasibility assessment

We work with you to identify what is needed to make the outcomes achievable, including who needs to be engaged in the process.  This assessment helps define the size of the project.

4 Project delivery

We work with you to design a project that meets your specific challenges and goals, structured towards achieving your desirable outcomes.  Each project is bespoke and uses a variety of strategic services carefully selected to achieve the best results for the particular personalities, processes and problems.  Read more

5 Review

At the end of the project we provide you with a detailed report outlining the process, outcomes and recommendations for the future, plus a debrief about the project process.

6 Moving forwards

Our core approach grows in-house competencies and systems to ensure sustainability and local ownership.  This can include training and supporting in-house Care Aims Champions and Facilitators/Trainers, developing reflective practice competencies to ensure ongoing conversations and reflections.  This ensures that current staff are fully supported and new staff are fully engaged from an early start through individualised induction processes.

We also provide on-going support or work with you on a project-by-project basis on new challenges to help you and your organisation to keep producing extraordinary results, no matter what surprises the future holds.


Partnership is the key value underpinning our consultancy.  We build solid, honest and equal partnerships with our clients through: openness, transparency, inclusion of views and values, respect of difference, conflict resolution.

Additional services

As well as our consultancy work, we also provide targeted support to help individuals and organisations excel, including:

Facilitation We offer a range of personal and professional development services for both individuals and groups built on our expertise in facilitation.  Read more

Coaching Expert coaching for both individuals and groups to help them deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.  Read more

Training Training for leaders and practitioners across professions and agencies, particularly to support decision-making and communication.  Read more

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