Central to our philosophy

Facilitation is fundamental to the Care Aims approach; the four main areas of our business involve highly developed and honed facilitation skills. This enables us to offer a number of personal and professional development services that utilise these skills more directly.

Reflective Practice

We offer both individual and group Reflective Practice or Supervision for clinicians and supervision facilitators.

Providing this facility externally allows organisations to support specialist clinicians more effectively and to ensure that in-house reflective practice/supervision systems remain robust and effective.

We also offer consultation on setting up sound reflective practice/supervision systems within organisations to support best practice within professional services.

This service is a particular specialism developed by Kate over 15 years of supervising individuals and groups across a number of different practice areas.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets are a powerful vehicle for achieving organisational and team objectives through involving leaders and practitioners in self-directed development activity.

Learning Sets are generally made up of managers, leaders or practitioners and take the form of six group meetings scheduled over one year. They are most effective when managing change or new strategic direction in a service.

We also offer consultation and training (see course information) for setting up learning sets within organisations in a sustainable and safe way. 

Away days

We facilitate away days, planning days and strategy meetings for teams and groups to ensure continually improving outcomes. This bespoke work requires thorough discussion and planning to ensure that the design of the day results in the desired outcomes. We are often involved on a regular basis (usually annually) to support team planning; this continuity has been proven to support rigorous review and clarity of vision.


We are occasionally asked to support individuals or teams to manage conflict that is affecting performance or team morale. Our involvement is very time-limited in these instances and we intervene as little as possible, using an approach that supports the individuals involved to reach a solution. Our focus is on clear communication and the development of effective negotiation skills.

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