The Care Aims Team

Expert consultants and associates

Care Aims have developed an expert team of highly experienced core consultants and trainers with a supporting network of highly skilled professionals with complementary expertise to enable us to deliver bespoke solutions to match different challenges across a range of sectors.

Diverse sector experience

We work with trusted, respected consultants with a range of backgrounds to enable us to dovetail our expertise to your challenges.  Our consultants offer expert knowledge of:

  • NHS management
  • Clinical practise: speech and language therapy; family therapy; psychotherapy; nursing
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Higher education
  • Coaching

Diverse expertise

Our consultants offer diverse expertise, enabling us to create a team that can provide the most effective solutions to your challenges:

  • Organisational systems and processes
  • Leadership and management
  • Risk management
  • Effective clinical and managerial decision-making
  • Service delivery and evaluation
  • Values, culture and teams
  • Change management/organisational development
  • Data analysis

The core Care Aims experts

Kate Malcomess

Kate is an organisational effectiveness coach whose ethical practise techniques, which she has developed into the Care Aims Framework, have redefined how over 15,000 health, education, social-care and voluntary care practitioners in the UK, Ireland and abroad structure and provide their services to achieve better outcomes for their organisation, their staff and their users.  Her success has led to her being recognised as an effective speaker, facilitator, mentor and coach.  Read more

Janet Wilson

Janet is an Executive and Leadership Coach working with people who are looking to develop the personal, political and strategic awareness needed to successfully lead others and achieve organisational objectives as well as professional individuals in transition.  She has wide experience of developing and delivering programmes to enable public-sector leaders effect service transformation.   Read more


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