Developing successful leaders

The main aim of all Care Aims training is to develop leaders and practitioners who are able to:

  • make complex decisions in an ever-changing environment
  • communicate their decisions effectively and accountably

This is one of the ways in which we fulfil our vision of a consciously competent workforce delivering services that continue to develop, along with client care that is continuously improving.

Bespoke solutions

Whilst we have a number of tried-and-tested packages (see course information), we always tailor these to meet the desired learning outcomes of each organisation, team or service. To this end, we consult with you to establish the core objectives behind your request for training.

Flexible application

All our workshops have proven application across professions and agencies and are designed to be taught in both single- and multi-professional forums.

Training structure

All courses are taught at a post-graduate level with differing degrees of complexity and intensity.

We offer interactive workshops that assume students’ knowledge and experience and engage them throughout in working with the principles. There is a strong emphasis placed on active reflection and application to practice.

Accredited learning

We are currently in negotiation for accreditation of all our courses and, once this has been confirmed, each course will carry CAT points towards a Post-Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Advanced Reflective Practice.

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I have been advised by my colleague, Clare Grace (SLT/Team Lead Liverpool CH) to contact you to request information on train the trainer dates. Can you please confirm any planned dates, agenda and application form/costs for the forthcoming year? Many thanks in anticipation, Kath

  2. Hi,

    I am seeking to attend some initial training regarding the care aims model and also to support leadership skills. Can you advise on the most appropriate course or consultation you could offer or what you plan to have upcoming in the future?

    kind regards,

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